eMotion Surge, the Indian “train” for two thousand bucks

eMotion Surge, the Indian “train” for two thousand bucks


The exhibition Auto Expo 2020 in early February will be presented a motorcycle that looks like a concept from the eighties, and not devoid of surprises.

eMotion Surge is going to appear in the flesh, which will be enjoyed not for everyone. And the filling will please not all.

The audience will be offered two versions. Top performance with a 10-kilowatt electric motor will be able to squeeze up to 120 km/h, while a simpler version, equipped with a unit capacity of 6 kW, osilivaet only 100 km/h. Both Surge are equipped with four-speed manual transmission that helps somehow to cheer up weak bike. Traction battery 2.9 kW?h allows you to drive up to 100 km, but in a frame of type “birdcage” can be set as many as three blocks and three times to increase the range.


Good eMotion Surge, and equipment – provided WiFi, Bluetooth, iOT, 4G, Keyless start, GPS navigation and telemetry system. Standard charging takes 3.5 hours, while the energy supply from the Express terminal is placed in 50 minutes.

One of the main advantages of electric bike – the price of $ 1,800 for the base model and about $ 2,000 for a more advanced version. The first delivery is planned in summer.

How would you rate the design of the Indian “train”?

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