Emula technology McFly. What is it?

Emula technology McFly. What is it?


One for the arguments of the supporters of the internal combustion engine in a dispute on the subject of electric motorcycles is the wrong feeling when controlling the bike. 2electron, a technology company in Naples, is going to change people’s opinions, and rolled the concept Emula with innovative technology McFly.

Using software and hardware technology McFly able to emulate the feeling of a motorcycle with the internal combustion engine. The concept has an all-electric drive. System 2electron McFly includes a virtual transmission, gearbox and clutch, the adjustment of the power distribution and dynamics.

For a start McFly technology allows you to switch between different power plants. At the moment you can choose one of three modes: 1-cylinder two stroke 1989, four-stroke 600 CC radnik 1999, four-stroke 800 CC twin. By the time production promise to add more options from 125-CC of a two stroke 1980 to modern sportbike.

Software McFly regulates the response of the electric motor. The system is literally mimics the power distribution of various internal combustion engines. Simply put, electricl behaves differently at different rpm and different sound, as on real ice.

Adding a gearbox and clutch made the system more complicated, but because of this she knows the transaction number and the position of the clutch, so it can appropriately regulate the flow of power and torque. Also, there is tactile feedback between the clutch and shift lever. Emulator the sliding clutch prevents locking of the rear wheels if the rider is too aggressive switches on the slide.

The behavior of the motor is well tuned. Two modes are available Emula–Boring and McFly. In the first mode, the bike just works like a typical electrocycle with a maximum speed of 250 km/h mode McFly available additional four sub-modes:

  1. Real Emulation – complete simulation of internal combustion engines.
  2. Easy Emulation – forgiving shifting and all that.
  3. Arcade Emulation – in this mode do not have to use the clutch lever if the motorcycle is “quickshifter”
  4. Beginner Emulation technology McFly takes over the gear shift like the Honda DCT automatic.

The sound of a motorcycle can bring to the speakers in the helmet, or it will hear everything and very well. Software McFly can further customize virtual drives: change air filters, exhaust system and other things. Managing and configuring 2electron Emula implementing a joystick on the right hand steering or on the large touch screen.

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