End of everything?! What happens if you smash the Tesla screen (video)

End of everything?! What happens if you smash the Tesla screen (video)


The author of the YouTube channel TechRax decided to find out what would happen to the Tesla electric car if you smash its “control room” – a giant central screen.

Skeptics scold manufacturers for replacing physical buttons with touch-sensitive ones. They cite as reasons the inconvenience of use while driving and the fact that it is very distracting from the road. In addition, opponents of technology are wondering whether the car will function adequately if its control display suddenly fails. It’s time to confirm or deny these concerns.

Model 3 was chosen for the role of the guinea pig. As you can see in the footage, at first the driver starts to lightly hit the screen with a heavy hammer while driving, and it remains functional even if cracks appear. After that, the force of the blow gradually increases, but even in this situation, all the functions of the electric car seem to work.

Further, the author goes so far that he breaks the entire display into small crumbs and even removes its cover, disconnecting the wire. Thus, the entire control block is not only destroyed, but also dismantled. So what happens to the car? Actually, nothing. She continues to drive and does not seem to be experiencing any problems.

For the purity of the experiment, the driver parks the car, turns off the engine and waits for a while. But this did not make the Model 3 not only get out of control and go all out, but even curse a little. If you decide to repeat this experiment, we just warn you that replacing the sensor is very expensive.

We also recommend that you watch a detailed test drive of Tesla Model 3 from the FineAuto team:

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