Energica announces cooperation with the electric company Reinova

Energica announces cooperation with the electric company Reinova


In April of this year, Reinova opened a test center for electric and hybrid powertrains in Modena, home of Ducati, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. And Energica was the first to orientate itself: the Italian electric bike manufacturer has agreed with Reinova to cooperate in the development and testing of new Energica products.

The cooperation agreement was concluded for three years. Under this agreement, Energica will have access to a range of Reinova developments, test algorithms, artificial intelligence solutions and data analysis software. Reinova, accordingly, will receive the utilization of its capacities and will demonstrate to the rest of the electric vehicle manufacturers its openness to joint activities.

Within a couple of months, Reinova will hold a grand opening of new production facilities. And it looks like it will be the first step in the global electrification of the Italian Motor Valley in Modena.

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