Engine oil AZMOL: how did the production with the arrival of the British investor


With the advent of the British investor Terry Dicken at AZMOL company BP, located in Berdyansk, the quality of lubricant products of this manufacturer have grown so much that now it is difficult to find a motorist who has not heard about the engine oil Azmol. How is it that a British citizen came to the Ukrainian company, became an investor and later as technical Director, and how this has affected the quality of products, we told Terry Dicken.

Dicken Terry

– Are you the President of the European lubricating grease Institute, tell us more about this organization?

– ELGI – European lubricating grease Institute, which has existed for more than 30 years. Is an independent Institute without additional funding, and is sponsored by the members themselves, which eliminates any influence from the outside. Due to this structure, the main focus of ELGI – independent research activities. European lubricating grease Institute is involved in all aspects of production, including technical, economic and environmental.

Mr. Dicken, how is it that you, being a British citizen, was appointed as technical Director of Ukrainian company?

– Today AZMOL BP can not be called only Ukrainian enterprise. The fact is that, even though it is located on the territory of Ukraine, but all the raw materials that we use are made in Europe. In addition, we have implemented a modern British technology, which all lubricants competes with global brands.

The first time I visited the factory in Berdyansk AZMOL a very long time. Then I was invited to the company as a consultant. At that time, the AZMOL began collaborating with Castrol, and the capacity of the plant produced oil under the well-known British brand. When I arrived, I saw a beautiful plant with huge potential. After that I was invited several times and we cooperated. I have already had the desire to become an investor, but at that time the company was public and it was impossible. And in 2016, the plant became private and I finally got the opportunity to help AZMOL to reach a new level.

I was in awe of what skilled and smart workers you have here in Ukraine. In addition, I was struck by their love and dedication to the plant. We have many working families – for many years, children followed parents in the enterprise, so it continues until now.

Another important point is the country in which the AZMOL. Ukraine is a very big country with rather developed industry. All businesses need oils, lubricants and coolant. But the production of lubricants such as is required in Ukraine did not exist before, so they had to buy oil and lubricants from leading international brands at a high price. Now, thanks to our development on Ukrainian market, these products are of European quality but at a lower cost. While we are pretty well supplied the goods for export. And the geography of deliveries is constantly expanding AZMOL BP.

– You started to participate in the life of AZMOL BP in 2016. How it changed the company?

– I – it’s not just me! This is British engineers, my colleagues-scientists. We started with the modernization and renewal of equipment. It was necessary to make the product of European quality, AZMOL to bring BP to a new level. Our second step was the introduction of modern British technology, the only way we could create a new product that can successfully compete with global peers. We conducted a thorough analysis of the equipment of the enterprises of Ukraine, who needed the oil and coolant, after which the British experts have developed formulas of lubricants, which is ideally suited for continuous use. Now large enterprises, agricultural holdings, trucking companies and many drivers in Ukraine and worldwide use of oil, grease and coolant AZMOL BP on a regular basis.

– Ensures the high quality oil AZMOL BP?

First and foremost is the use of British technology and European raw materials. Plays an important role and equipment of the enterprise. The plant has a laboratory with atomic spectrograph, and others advanced in the world of science research equipment oil Analysis performed at every stage of production, even before filling into cans. Due to this, all the finished products became competitive on the world market.

Today we are trusted as motorists, and giants of the world automotive industry: AZMOL BP received permits to use Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Volkswagen, Volvo, Cummins, MAN Truck&bus SE, General Electrics. We have a total of 9 tolerances from automotive manufacturers, and this is only the beginning of our journey.

– You said earlier that BP almost AZMOL British enterprise, but in spite of this, the plant involved in the life of Berdyansk, why?

– Participation in the city’s life began as soon as the plant was built! Around him rose the homonymous neighborhood, whose inhabitants were put to the enterprise, still there are labour dynasties. People love AZMOL BP, make a contribution to its development – I am delighted with this attitude. In turn, the AZMOL BP is actively sponsoring the development of the neighborhood, and Berdyansk as a whole. Regularly hosts sports events, assisted municipal authorities in the improvement and elimination of emergency situations.

Only in 2019, there have been several sporting events: the Cup of Azov the jeep sprint, sport festival, the race drag racing. We care about the younger generation. Social responsibility is an integral part of the development strategy AZMOL.

– And in what other areas are you developing?

– First and foremost, we strive to meet time. In the modern world is undergoing intense change, which is not easy to keep up, but we have managed it. AZMOL BP values its reputation, therefore, the main direction of development is the quality of the product. While we are regularly updating equipment and expanding the geography of supplies. From 2016, the company has changed for the better, but this is only the first steps on our long journey to success. I can now talk about how many things waiting for us and our customers in 2020. This conclusion updated product line of motor oils and car care products, and the opening of a new direction in the production of oil and coolant, and the opening of a unique for Ukraine quality laboratory, holding AZMOL BP of a number of scientific conferences and forums, big social program, promotions for our partners and clients, training for employees. AZMOL BP is just waiting for modernization, development and success, here are today realities of life the Ukrainian-British company.

Official website of the company AZMOL BP – https://azmol.eu/uk/

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