Engineer and self-taught built a 268-horsepower electric bike

Engineer and self-taught built a 268-horsepower electric bike

The engineer, who had worked with rechargeable batteries, built in his garage a bike with a motor in the spirit of “Mad max”. Now he is testing the unit, and after plans to set a new speed record for electric vehicles.

Mechanical engineer Shea Nyquist assemble their own motorcycle, which received the name Streamliner. In the vehicle – the battery capacity of 22 kWh and electric motor efficiency 268 horsepower.

During the first test the author broke up the motorcycle just under 30 kilometers per hour, just to see if he does move. But because of the size and weight to maneuver on a bike like this at low speed is almost unreal.

At first, Shea was trying not to accelerate up to 64 kilometers per hour, because I was not sure of the reliability of the motorcycle. But, says the author, the control was like trying to hold in balance a pencil on your finger, so he gradually began to build up speed.

On the last test, Shea decided to try to accelerate harder and scored 130 kilometers per hour. According to the Creator, it is only 10 percent of the maximum speed that can develop his bike.

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Two years ago an enthusiast from France built a homemade bike, which operated on rainwater. Instead, the engine was an aluminum cylinder to which high pressure is pumped 133 liter of ordinary water. The owner was able to push it on the track to 261 kilometers per hour, and to disperse hundreds took only 0.55 seconds.

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