England vs Australia: Reliant Robin Football Festival Sydney

England vs Australia: Reliant Robin Football Festival Sydney


Contains language which some viewers may find offensive. Its time to pit the Brits against the Ozzie’s in a game of car football – in Reliant Robin’s. Someone’s going to end the wrong side up.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

a shame Steve Jeremy and I came together for a game of Top Gear car football right now we’re going to need some cars right so what do we have Lamborghinis no is it something a bit yes I’m afraid it is let’s bring them out they are of course three-wheeled Reliant Robin I’ll see are we gonna be Power no no no these are very very important cars in the history of British motoring this car mobilise the whole of the north of the country for three decades subsidized anybody in the north and Britain survived the 70s because of these cars they’re not stable no they’re not safe they have a major design fault with all four of us strapped in James these are English card this thing’s already leaking oil the match began here we go go football has begun on your right on your right on your right here we go and it’s a quick punt purring the back down to the other end of the net I’ve cocked it up Tara I’m running with it got away I’m gone around the Gulf Spears will get out cross it cross it girl hanging breath he’s just sitting in the back we can get it back Rael going defense and it’s actually your kickoff James I’m going to confuse them okay I’m gonna clean use them as well stay with me piers are legion just before gonna keep it going keep it going straight back in defense and you like that much the emitter chaser I’m here already wait for the punt right go right go right go right go right it’s gone straight over the head okay yeah to block [Laughter] just a small crash Jeremy cannot my spinal it comes a Gribble Jeremy get it yes I’m right where you want me to be a part of my head come off move okay so wives say we need some tactics here we have to get this next one please have to or we will be beaten to death trying to leave the stadium rich okay the side piers shine on your right stay right completely mental off you go oh no we’ve got to go he actually got a painter trying just trying to get on the feet goose of goose weight of massive a go dear waiting for another bath haha oh my time apparently according to the referee I’ve had a little bit of a problem don’t lie in wrath right run on fire you are you blind literally unbuttoned that’s right and the dying embers of the game we have it all to play for me oh it’s all come on James we’ve only got seconds thanks Lupe’s here I go I’m gonna hit terribly where is it gentleman is to girls to England three goals to Australia you

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