Enovate ME5: electric crossover from Porsche maker

Enovate ME5: electric crossover from Porsche maker


An international design team led by ex-Porsche and Chery designer Hakan Sarakoglu showcased a render of the new Chinese electric crossover Enovate ME5. Interestingly, photos of a live car have already surfaced in the ChinaCarNews.com Facebook community back in March this year.

The design of the car is in the style of the brand. The focus is on the front and rear lighting technology, which is combined into a single whole by means of LED strips. Dimensions: 4580x1915x1635 mm, wheelbase – 2750 mm.

The preliminary specifications are already known. The initial version will be powered by one 204 horsepower electric motor. In the top-end configuration, a 1.5-liter petrol unit with a capacity of 98 hp will come to his aid. In this case, it does not transmit traction to the wheels, but will act as a gas generator, which turns on when necessary to travel long distances.

The battery of such a hybrid version itself will have a capacity of 30 kW * h. The electric range is only 150 kilometers according to the NEDC method, but with an additional gasoline engine, this figure can increase to 1012 km on one tank. Whether a purely electric crossover will have the same battery is not reported.

The new product will become the second product of the company after ME7 and will be located one step below it. The brand itself appeared in 2018 and belongs to the parent company Dearcc, which has been producing its cars since 2016.

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