E’S will be stripped of its votes

E’S will be stripped of its votes


The head of the sound design department of Mercedes Thomas Kuppers in the interview said that the brand was able to provide EQS with the ability to download sounds from the AMG V8, but during the discussion this idea was not continued.

“The expectations of our customers for AMG and the unique AMG sound are high,” said Kuppers. “From computer games, you may know that imitating engine sound is a tricky thing, and no game has met the expectations (of recreating) the sounds.”

But the difficulty goes deeper than just getting the engine sound right. There are also questions about how electric cars drive and how internal combustion engines work. That being said, as Kuppers notes, people who buy electric vehicles aren’t necessarily those who crave a note on AMG engines.

“The driving dynamics of an electric vehicle is too different from an internal combustion engine: you are missing the characteristic changes in the gearbox,” explained Kuppers. “And we learned in our car clinics: if you want to experience a unique AMG experience, turn your head towards Affalterbach. Customers who buy an electric vehicle are interested in this new ‘user experience’ and are looking for acoustic differentiation. ”

Instead, like many automakers, Mercedes turns to abstract sounds that imply forward movement. At launch, EQS drivers will be able to choose from sounds like Silver Waves, Vivid Flux and Roaring Pules, none of which try to sound like an engine.

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