Escape the Rut: how much to pay the head Nissanза your transfer?

Escape the Rut: how much to pay the head Nissanза your transfer?


The former head of Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn 862 paid thousands of dollars for the opportunity to leave Japan. According to the U.S. attorney’s office, the money he gave the company one of the organizers of the escape and Peter Taylor.

The Prosecutor’s office found out that the funds were transferred in September of last year. Three months after that a former top Manager of the Nissan fled the country. Taylor and his father Michael was arrested in may on suspicion of organizing the escape.

Gon was arrested on 19 November 2018. He was accused of financial fraud and concealing income in the amount of $ 80 million. Shortly after his arrest, he was dismissed from leadership positions Nissan and Renault.


Until March of last year, the gon spent in a Japanese prison, after which he was released on bail and was under house arrest. In December the former head of Alliance left Japan: the case for a musical instrument it was flown to Turkey, where he boarded a plane to Lebanon – where he is still under house arrest and the supervision of the authorities.

Arriving in Lebanon, Ghosn made a statement in which he accused former colleagues of Nissan in fabricating the case against him, and the Japanese authorities in aiding them.

In June, at the disposal of journalists turned out to be the correspondence of the leaders of Nissan two years ago, in which they discussed the possibility of “neutralization” of the gun, advocated a merger of Nissan and Renault. Representatives of Nissan denied the accusations and stated that the document was fabricated.

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