Estonians have created a car-spider

Estonians have created a car-spider

The Estonian company Nobe has announced one of the most extraordinary cars of today – Nobe 100. Novelty is very different from the classic cars and interesting on several parameters. One of its main features is the possibility of Parking directly on the wall.

Nobe 100 have just three wheels: one behind and two in front. The design of the electric vehicle coincides with the era of the last century. Machine weight is only 600 pounds.The maximum speed of base model Nobe 100 is 110 km/h and the built-in battery of 21 kW?h sufficient to overcome 210 kilometers on a single charge. In a more advanced version Nobe 100 GT capacity battery for 25 kW?h, which provides a cruising range of 260 kilometers. In this configuration increased to a maximum speed of 130 km/h due to the presence of the additional motor.

The biggest “surprise” of a novelty – the possibility of Parking on the wall. And especially for the engineers to devise a system of mounts, brackets and the corresponding rails for installation on the wall. Nebo plans to release the regular update of not only software but also hardware. New engines, more capacious battery and other electronics – all owners 100 100 Nobe and GT will be able to purchase in the dealerships of the company.

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