Eternal hustle: Tesla recalls Model 3 and Model Y

Eternal hustle: Tesla recalls Model 3 and Model Y


Tesla’s safety record has staggered a bit over the past few weeks. If a few accidents blamed on the autopilot weren’t enough, two test organizations stripped the Model 3 of their top safety awards.

The situation could get worse as Tesla announced new safety reviews for the Model 3 and Model Y just days after the same models were selected for recall related to their brakes.

This time, the latest reviews are about the problem with the car’s seat belts. The first recall refers to 5,530 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built in 2019-2021. The fasteners that secure the front seat shoulder strap to the B-pillar may be incorrectly attached. The second recall relates to 2,166 Tesla Model Ys, which appeared between 2019 and 2021. In this case, the anchors that secure the left and right second row seat belt retractors may not be properly attached.

These reviews are nothing new to manufacturers. A CNBC report indicated that Tesla employees said shortcuts were often used to meet demand. The workers stated that they did not have enough time to properly complete their tasks while assembling the cars.

The company says that one of the signs that a car might encounter a seat belt problem is abnormal noise.

It was found that workers did not always tighten the seat belts correctly, or properly check the specifications after the seat belts were installed. Tesla also notes that there were no accidents or injuries associated with the recall. The company will replace fasteners to confirm that they are fastened to the correct specification.

As a reminder, 5974 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles have been identified this week with potentially loose bolts around the brake calipers. This can cause a loss of pressure in the vehicle’s tires and affect the performance and safety of the vehicle.

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