“Eukarotic”: ZAZ can produce a car together with the VW?

“Eukarotic”: ZAZ can produce a car together with the VW?


New “Zaporozhets” can be such as, for example, a home-made “beetle-Cossack”, made of VW Beetle and ZAZ-968.

It is unlikely that the engineers at Volkswagen could have ever thought that their legendary Beetle can cross with the Ukrainian “Zaporozhets”. It turns out, is even possible. And the result is a beautiful little car. The impression that he only recently came off the Assembly line.

It offers the driver and passengers there is a modern infotainment system, air conditioning, heated and electrically different.


This unique car has a new motor. We are talking about 1.2 l turbo engine capacity of 102 h. p. It works together with “robot” DSG. What are the dynamic characteristics is not known. I think they are much better than plain old “Zaporozhets”.

Recall the past several months, ZAZ test produced Lada cars. This was done to ensure that Renault can assess the quality of the products of Zaporozhye automobile building plant.

Also we invite you to watch as we Zaporozhets Porsche was making:

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