Euroblaha attacked by a military fighter: the plane burned down!

Euroblaha attacked by a military fighter: the plane burned down!


In the city of Vasilkov, Kiev region, a passenger car collided with a military plane. It happened on the evening of March 10 in the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade.

The incident was reported by the public relations service of the Center air command.

It is reported that the emergency occurred after the end of the flight shift in the dark.

“During the towing of the aircraft to the parking lot, a car collided with the aircraft, resulting in a fire that was promptly localized by the fire department of the unit,” the military said.

Qualified first aid was provided to the injured car driver. Now his condition is satisfactory, the soldier is under the care of doctors.

Law enforcement officers are working at the scene, and an official investigation is being conducted in the military unit.

“The causes of the incident are being investigated,” the military unit’s press center added.

There are no photos and videos from the scene of an unusual accident.

Let us add that the Vasilkov airbase is the permanent deployment point of the 40th tactical aviation brigade. The airfield in the city was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It has been on full alert since 2014.

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