Europe vs. Auto with THE ABC: a new round

Europe vs. Auto with THE ABC: a new round


The European Commission has registered the European Citizenship Initiative (ECI) “Ban on advertising and sponsorship of fossil fuels.” The authors of the document hope that the European Union will develop bills banning advertising and sponsorship of all types of vehicles powered by fossil fuels – an exception will be made only for vehicles that are used to provide transportation services. The ban may apply to offline and online advertising, sponsorship of sports, educational and entertainment events.

Registration of an initiative itself does not mean anything. The Commission only recognized that the document does not violate the legislation of the European Union (EU), which means that it cannot be formally ignored. The next step is collecting signatures in support of the initiative. If within a year at least one million people from at least seven EU countries speak out for the prohibition of advertising and sponsorship of cars with internal combustion engines, then the European Commission will have to make a decision. Moreover, any of them will have to be motivated.

In practice, this will mean that if the initiative is approved in the EU, a ban will be imposed on any advertising of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines. Also, automakers will not be able to sponsor in areas such as sports, education, science and social events. The ban will also apply to energy companies: they will not be allowed to advertise petroleum products, associated natural gas and coal.

And in Norway, meanwhile, they are thinking about introducing taxes for buyers of expensive cars. Economists from the International Monetary Fund are confident that the additional fees will reduce the burden on the country’s budget and improve the targeting of benefits. It is supposed to impose duties on cars with a cost of 600 thousand Norwegian kroner, that is, Tesla, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz models are included in the list.

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