European Lexus ES receives the digital side mirrors

European Lexus ES receives the digital side mirrors


Digital technology is Side-View Monitor has gone beyond Japan and is now offered on the hybrid Lexus ES 300h for European market. Since the spring of 2020 in the UK, Germany, Spain and Poland, the sedan will be available with cameras instead of side mirrors. In other countries, the launch will take place before the end of the year.

Sedan Lexus ES seventh generation, which became the first production car with a camera as mirror, is on sale in Japan from October 2018. It is equipped with a compact optical modules, translating the image on the displays installed in the bottom of the front struts. Camera forcibly activated either automatically when you turn on the turn signals or reverse gear – in this case, the screens displays the dynamic guides indicating the distance to obstacles.


Powerplant Lexus ES 300h consists of “atmosfernika” 2.5, electric motor, CVT and Nickel-metal hydride batteries. The total capacity of 218 horsepower. It is reported that the consumption of the sedan in combined tests (stand + street) is 5.5 liters in the urban cycle falls to 4.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

First about the use of cameras on a serial machine announced Audi. Almost the same solution as that of the Lexus, the company planned to use in the electric vehicle e-tron. However, due to issues with the battery supplier and internal SUV its sale was postponed, and the Japanese brand took advantage of the situation and the first to put a ES on the market.

Would order these mirrors on his car?

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