European VW Taigo left for tests

European VW Taigo left for tests


Western publications have captured a prototype of the new VW Taigo crossover. The car is the European version of the previously shown crossover Volkswagen Nivus. Taigo’s official debut will take place later this year.

When the Volkswagen Nivus officially debuted in Brazil last May, it became one of the first cars in South America to feature adaptive cruise control. Specially adapted to the harsh road conditions in the region, the coupé-shaped crossover will be modified to meet the needs of European buyers and will be launched on the Old Continent under the Taigo name before the end of the year. The prototype of this machine was caught by foreign journalists during a series of tests.

The small red Taigo, which you can see in the published photos, was captured with German license plates, serial optics and no signs of camouflage.

The only thing that tells us that this is a test car is a test equipment attached to the wheels, as well as an additional measuring device with an antenna attached to the roof.

When Volkswagen first unveiled the Taigo in March this year, the sketches suggested a more aggressive design, especially at the front. These large air vents in the front bumper and the light element around the radiator grille icon were not visible on the test car. Volkswagen uses a slightly more discreet front fascia instead, although we cannot confirm if this is the final design for the production model.

In Brazil, the Nivus has a simplified engine lineup with a single 1.0-liter turbocharged engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. It makes 128 horsepower, but we expect a little more engine variety for the European version of the car, where Volkswagen has promised a choice of “fuel efficient TSI engines”.

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