Europe’s cheapest electric car launched

Europe’s cheapest electric car launched


The Lithuanian company Dartz, which is known for its luxury armored SUVs, is going to make itself known in the electric car segment. Lithuanians will start selling a compact three-door electric car Freze Nikrob in Europe.

A new affordable electric car was put on the assembly line in Lithuania, but its roots should be looked for in China. According to Autocar, the Lithuanian Freze Nikrob is a redesigned Wuling Hongguang Mini EV.

You can distinguish it from the Chinese bestseller Freze Nikrob by its brand emblems and original LED optics. And the Lithuanian electric car can boast of a greater range – about 200 kilometers.

An 18-horsepower electric motor is responsible for the performance of this budget electric model, working in conjunction with a battery, whose capacity is 9.2 or 13.8 kWh.

The three-door costs about 10 thousand euros in the basic modification. The cost of the top electric car has approached 15 thousand euros.

The electric car in the most expensive version, in addition to a more advanced battery, gets better finishing materials. Lithuanians are confident that such cheap microelectric cars will find their buyer. Car sharing companies and companies specializing in delivery are already interested in the novelty.

Earlier, our portal said that Geely is preparing a Tesla Semi competitor. It will be a futuristic long-haul tractor under the Farizon brand.

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