Even Tank may face an “obstacle”

Even Tank may face an “obstacle”


Great Wall is struggling to register the Tank trademark in China – under which the automaker intends to sell a line of brutal Jeep-styled SUVs. Chinese media reported that Great Wall has denied registration of the trademark, but company representatives assure that the application has not yet been considered. The site “Chinese Cars” has found out what could be the reason for the hitch in obtaining the rights to use the name Tank.

The journalists found out that according to the law of the PRC “On Trademarks”, a trademark should not be associated with military emblems, but there is no direct prohibition on the use of military equipment (for example, the word “tank”) in the rules. This is just one of the versions, and it is possible that problems with the registration of the Tank name could have arisen for other reasons.

The Chinese edition of Autohome suggests that some military terms may not be used in trademarks. This may include a “tank”, as it is a military vehicle. Journalists also draw attention to the fact that the word Tank is too simple and in a controversial situation it will be difficult to defend the right to it. However, the latter statement does not affect the trademark registration process.

The Tank 300 is already on sale in China, but in the certification documents it goes under the Wey brand. A frame SUV costs 175-220 thousand yuan (approximately $ 27,400 – $ 34,400 at the current exchange rate).

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