Ex-Director of Daimler makes a sensational statement

Ex-Director of Daimler makes a sensational statement

Within his recent interview, the former CEO of the German company stated that the engines now ceased to be a fundamental consideration when selecting a new auto.

CEO of Daimler Dieter Zetsche resigned earlier this year after retiring from his post after more than 40 years in the concern, 13 of which were at the helm of Daimler. In an interview with foreign journalists of the edition “Top Gear,” Mr. Zetsche has made the bold assertion, which can certainly be classified as sensational. According to him, the engines in cars today are not as important for clients as it was before.

“Engines are no longer a “differentiator” for most consumers. There are those who still care about the choice of motor, but they are not the most modern car buyers”.

The former CEO of Daimler brings together Autonomous services of driving and mobility with the same category as the engines – that is, those things that most consumers do not take into account now. He also said that the company has partnered with Renault in terms of engine development.

This is a bold statement of the former head of a major automaker, in which engineering was and remains the Foundation of his success. He also noted the partnership between the group and other automakers. Now such arrangements are becoming more common as companies are trying to allocate the costs of new technologies, electric vehicle systems, driver assistance, Autonomous vehicles and much more.

Automakers around the world face new challenges. Companies like Uber and Tesla have changed customer expectations, and outdated companies such as Daimler, General Motors, Toyota and others trying to keep up with the times, innovate. For Daimler and Mercedes-Benz this means in particular joint work on power units with Renault.

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