Expensive Maybach and Rolls-Royce: became known the price of Aurus sedan Senat


In Moscow took place the opening of the first showroom Aurus. In the framework of the solemn event was announced the cost of the Senat sedan, and it was more expensive than expected. The initial cost of the model will be 18 million rubles ($274 300).


Before the official launch of the Aurus Senat were lots of rumors about its price. Assumptions of experts and the media ranged from 90 to 274 thousand dollars, and the latter assumption was correct. At the opening of the first showroom of the company, head brand has announced the starting price of the model in the sedan. It will cost 274 $ 300.

The cost of then car above the price tag of luxury cars of other brands. Now fully loaded, Mercedes-Maybach S 650 looks “poor” with a price tag of about 227 600 dollars. In the opening of the showroom was attended by the Minister of industry of Denis Manturov, CEO of Aurus Adil Shirinov and the head of “Panavto”.

Note that the basic version of Aurus Senat is equipped with a powerful V8 engine, advanced automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, separate climate-control, systems of active and passive safety features, finishes, luxurious materials and a lot of extras for enhanced comfort. As option can be ordered separate second-row seats, a Minibar, and a table for glasses heated or cooled.


The cost of the armored version and a limousine is not yet known. At the moment collected about 500 pre-orders.

Is it worth this money?

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