Expensive option: the $100,000 for the autopilot in the Tesla

Expensive option: the $100,000 for the autopilot in the Tesla


Tesla is by far the undisputed leader in the field of electric cars and cars with autopilot technology. And this is not surprising, as the automotive giant is constantly developing its products stronger and stronger bringing us to the “same future”, which we all dream. Nevertheless, this time the company has for all of her fans are not happy, and negative news. It consists in the fact that, according to an official statement from Elon musk in his Twitter, the package self-drive, “Full Self-Driving” already from July 1, will cost more.

And Yes, if you didn’t know, Tesla sells its electric cars initially without the technology of the autopilot for it has to pay separately. And in General it really is very negative news, which might turn off some potential buyers. The increase of cost would be very significant, from 1 July you will have to pay for “Full Self-Driving” for $ 1,000 more. It’s really sad, because even now the price is not very favorable – 7 000. And it seems that it is so very unpleasant news, but Elon Musk has decided not to stop.

The thing is that in his next tweet Elon Musk said that over time the technology package of the autopilot will be even more expensive. This is linked to the fact that the possibility of Autonomous driving stronger and stronger “approach to achieving their true potential.” And what is most interesting is the fact that according to Elon musk, the package of the autopilot, when it reaches its peak, will exceed the cost of a whopping $ 100,000. I want to believe that at least the last statement is a joke. Recall that at the time when the company just started to offer people the possibility of acquiring sets of “Full Self-Driving”, its price was $ 5,000.

However, in the past year, the automaker decided to raise the price, which is naturally liked by everyone. Nevertheless, you can understand the company itself, because really, the autopilot is not the easiest in the creation and development of technology that is progressing before our eyes. And so the higher cost is more than justified. However, in that case, if the words of Elon musk about what Full Self-Driving in the future will cost more than $ 100,000, that is a very negative impact on the company, because such a decision they immediately throw away a large number of potential customers. But who knows, maybe the autopilot Tesla will really be worth the money? About this we will be able to know only when the appropriate time comes.

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