Experts have conducted a crash test of Renault crossover Arkana

Experts have conducted a crash test of Renault crossover Arkana


Experts automobile magazine “auto review” conducted a special safety testing Renault Arkana, using pan-European EuroNCAP Protocol.

La test were specifically selected with a budget car from the company Renault, which is equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline powerplant, a manual transmission with 5 steps and two pairs of airbags. During a crash test according to the rules of Protocol, at a speed of 64 km/h was made a powerful frontal attack on the overlap, which is susceptible to deformation by 40%.


During the impact platform crossover coped with the consequences. The doorway is deformed by only 1 mm, while the door is freely opened and closed. Steering column after collision took the wheel from the alleged driver of 14 mm. the Bottom of the car calmly withstood such an emergency, while the welds remained intact, and folds or tears was not detected.

System security ensured the preservation of life dummy, which replaces the driver. The ratio of possible damage to the skull was only 193 units on a scale HIC. The load on the cervical vertebrae and the rib cage was minimal. The impact of the knees on the front panel remained within acceptable limits and amounted to 0.4 kN.

At the end of the crash test of the Renault Arkana put 15.8 points out of 16 possible.

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