Experts said that reduces the life of a modern engine

Experts said that reduces the life of a modern engine


Modern power plants have a number of technical solutions that significantly reduce the resource of the motor. And this is done often for fuel economy and environmental standards.

As told by automotive expert, modern engines are reducing the resource technology, such as high-boost turbocharged small engines, use pistons with short skirt, no nozzles cooling the pistons with oil, the hydraulic lifters or easy to adjust gaps in the timing.

In addition, automakers issue recommendations, which do not contribute to an increase in resources. So, the instructions to many modern cars refers to the use of too thin oil, or even the beginning of the movement with a minimal heating of the motor.


Also some cars are equipped with “start/stop” and the automatic transmissions that support is so low the engine rpm when moving, almost comes to “oil starvation”, the newspaper “za rulem”.

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