Express delivery… Bodies

Express delivery… Bodies


Why do law enforcement officers need supercars? Catching up with violators is a matter of course. But the Italian police have shown that high-speed cars can also save lives. Literally.

It happened that a man hospitalized in Rome required an urgent kidney transplant. The donor organ was found in the city of Padua – and this is about 500 km from the capital of Italy. Delivery by air was considered too troublesome and long, so the medics turned to the police for help. And we got a crew for an important task in a Lamborghini Huracan.

By the way, the supercar was initially accepted for service with the task not only to be a “catch-up”, but also, for example, to transport donated blood. There is also a defibrillator on Board. In other words, medical missions for such a Huracan are not uncommon.

Usually the journey from Padua to Rome takes more than five hours, the police managed to manage for three, developing more than 230 km/h on the highway. Moreover, the guards even managed to shoot a short video about their noble mission – you can watch it at the top of the page.

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