Express-T – towing services for any kind of machinery


What is the Express tow truck? is the special vehicles, the main and immediate function of which is the movement of equipment that has lost the ability to move independently. Also towing services may be needed in cases when a car is incorrectly parked, what prevents other road users and violate Parking rules.

In such cases, the transport is performed by methods of complete or partial loading of equipment. To do this, and there are companies providing towing services.

What types of services you can obtain by calling Express-T

If you have any trouble with the vehicle, do not panic! Exhale, try to calm down and just ask for help to the professionals Express So Here you will have expert help in cases if:

  • car is damaged in an accident;
  • failed electronics;
  • ran out of fuel;
  • battery is dead.

Our staff will come to your aid if you need to evacuate the car anywhere in the country. Evacuation can be performed, as with a crane manipulator, and by means of a rigid coupling. And also, we can provide tow truck for equipment weighing up to 20T.

How much it costs to order a tow truck in Kyiv

Most motorists, having got in a difficult situation on the road neglect the help of professionals for one simple reason: people believe that the towing services is extremely expensive. And this is the biggest mistake. Large competitive companies are working at very affordable prices. This is due to the fact that the company has sufficient equipment, which is located in different parts of the city. This approach to construction logistics link allows several times to reduce fuel costs. Therefore, even people with low income may arrange a tow truck in Kyiv.

How to order a tow truck in Kyiv?

In today’s world, a motorist caught in a difficult situation on the road, there is nothing easier than to call a tow truck. But it is provided that in the address book of his phone has a number of company or business card with contacts. If you are not lucky twice, that is not worth much to get upset – it will help your smartphone, just go to our website and order the required service. Now you can easily find our services and solve your problem.

It now remains only to make the right choice among hundreds of contractor companies. Remember this:

  • expensive does not mean quality;
  • “available” means comfortable;
  • the bigger the company the more benefits;
  • tow lot – Express-T one!

Express-T works round the clock and seven days a week. We will always be able to help you and not hurt in price! Contact us, and you will definitely be satisfied!

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