Extended Chevrolet Blazer received a budget modification


American concern General Motors has decided to release a budget version of its Chevrolet Blazer crossover for the Chinese market. Recall that in the Chinese market the car is sold with an elongated body. According to the information portal “New cars” more accessible version will get only 5 seats in the cabin, and also will lose some options. GM went to such a step for maintaining the competition budget car for Chinese market.

Dimensions Chevrolet Blazer is 4999х1953х1727 mm, and the distance between the axes is 2 mm. 863 Under the hood the car hides a 2.0-liter turbo with 230 HP, which is paired with a modern 9АКПП.

In the cabin of Chevrolet Blazer is a modern multimedia system with a large touch screen and “floating” effect, fully digital instrument panel and a spectacular panoramic roof and the hatch with the electric drive.


Sport RS-bodykit and tinted wheels and head optics already available in the basic version. A 5-seater version stamp dealers in China are asking 229 900 yuan ($33 000).

Recall that for a full-sized cross 7 seats and advanced functionality you will have to pay at least 259 900 yuan (us$37 300).

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