EXTENDED: Driving Nepal’s Deadly Mountain Road: Nepal Special

EXTENDED: Driving Nepal’s Deadly Mountain Road: Nepal Special


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amazingly the world’s slowest pile-up had kept the convoy moving but as we climbed higher what was most amazing of all was the little one or six just kept getting better go on virgil go on the one or six one that’s how you get up for now here it let’s goes keep climbing and climbing iris has got no chance this is sketching his head hey getting on chris go on the reynolds come chris come on yeah it’s not happening boys i can’t i haven’t got enough power you’re definitely going to need to tug off lint off which thanks to the renault’s increasingly iffy handbrake i’m really not enjoying this now and the hammering the hulas had been taking wow it’s getting more and more difficult what do you fancy getting here and doing the clutch my unbreak’s knackered so i’ve got to keep my left foot on the brake what do you reckon you in for it yeah what’s going on here i’m doing the clutch chris you’re putting your life in our two hands you could not be in a safer place soon right across that’s first yeah right you go off the clutch yeah are you eat oh didn’t even get here yeah you ready oh god what gear are you in there first you’re sure over and over put it in neutral lads how do we feel that went there she goes great good work boys a bit of me doesn’t like being toast it feels like failure but this isn’t a race so therefore i can allow them to help me having picked up the ren hall go on the one or six we got back to the ascent jeez look at that and before long the road threw up its next challenge this bit’s a bit tricky boys seriously tricky this is tough going up oh that’s high oh no come on that is ridiculous seriously boys this is this is frightening up here jesus oh that’s too much i mean literally there was just enough room to get the car through and if it was tight for the peugeot come on then getting the hoolis through would be a big ass i quite want this to end now come on come on come on iris come on harris get through now son come on harris that was unpleasant thank you paddy good work boys good work i know it’s all fun and i’ll laugh on that but this is proper this is one mistake and you’re gone in my case it’s one mistake for me i’m above gun but the road wasn’t finished with us yet oh no no no no no what we are so close to the edge here oh my god oh my god that is just stupid you ready chris as i’ll ever be oh wow oh my lord what are we doing this for this is ridiculous i’m not even gonna lie about this and try and style it out my heart’s pounding i’m driving up a waterfall whoa whoa yes yes he’s done it come on come on come round bring it round what i would do for a better turning circle right now oh god just give me a minute yes yes yes come on come on the hulas come on come on jeez this is bonkers this is daft the first time in my working life i haven’t done lots of silly things in cars i just want to send my uh my kids a message because i’m quite scared

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