Extended KIA K5: fresh photos

Extended KIA K5: fresh photos


KIA revealed the extended version of the K5, focused on the Chinese market. Sedan with a length of almost five meters different from the standard model not only outside but also inside. Features long-wheelbase KIA K5 showed new photographs.

Chinese version K5 reaches a length of 4980 mm 4905 mm vs the regular sedan, and the wheelbase increased by 50 mm, up to 2900 millimeters. However, apparently this difference is invisible, but there are other differences. In particular, the top-end performance GT Line appeared from behind two pairs of these exhaust pipes.


In the cabin, in turn, 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and display system of the same size combined under common glass. A similar configuration is used on modern Mercedes-Benz models. However, it changed the design of the ventilation vents and temperature control is made in the form of keys.

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In the United States for the model are available all-wheel drive transmission, and in South Korea, the K5 is equipped with a hybrid power plant. KIA K5 for the Chinese market comes with a-liter “turboservice”, which produces 170 horsepower and 253 Nm of torque and combined with double clutch seven-speed “robot”. The alternative is a 240-strong turbo engine volume 2.0-liter paired eight-speed “automatic”.

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