Extreme SUV Atlas Cross Sport R showed in Los Angeles

Extreme SUV Atlas Cross Sport R showed in Los Angeles


Under the name of Atlas Cross Sport extreme R SUV showed in Los Angeles. And he really doesn’t need roads.

The debut of the SUV is connected to another change in the strategy of Volkswagen for a large motorsports: mark decided, it seems, again, to try yourself in the prestigious rally raids, and will not send anything, and specially built Atlas Cross Sport R. right now, he just looks scary, although it is still only a concept.

Known about him quite a bit. It is reported, in particular, that the sports car has retained a two-liter turbo engine, but the payoff is increased to 480 HP officially announced, on this level is maintained the balance of power and reliability in the race, because theoretically the same power unit can pump up to 600 HP

Modest “Volkswagen” regarding the technical details due to the fact that the Atlas Cross Sport R is still under development. In this case, most likely, supernational built from scratch, not based on serial cross-coupe, and his participation in big races will affect only the image and not on the design of public crossover.

It is also reported that the SUV is prepared to start in the famous rally-RAID Baja 1000, which already showed Ford with his project “the revived Bronco”, and one of the pilots Atlas Cross Sport R will be Tanner Foust, the famous racer and ex-moderator of the American edition of Top Gear. New details about the project will follow, expected early next year.

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