Eyewitnesses filmed the chase from the new bond movie

Eyewitnesses filmed the chase from the new bond movie


Fans of the franchise about the agent 007 shared the backstage from the set of the next part of the action. One of the episodes of the painting entitled “No time to die” filmed in the South of Italy, and the witnesses managed to capture the chase scene several Jaguar XF vintage Aston Martin DB5.

In the movie, take part replica of the legendary model, because the price of the original Aston Martin DB5, released in the mid-1960s, are nearing the mark of one million dollars. For greater realism in the episodes removed eight copies of the DB5, and at least two cars turned into the “camera cars” with imaging equipment.

Representatives of Jaguar Land Rover confirmed that the company has provided their cars for the filming of “James bond”, but did not disclose details. Probably the 007 in the 25th film to move only on models of Aston Martin and other British cars, including the new Land Rover Defender prepared the role of the second plan.


Eyewitnesses of the shooting process claim that for a more spectacular slides of the pavement in the Italian town daily covered the “Coca-Cola”, and in the evening, the sweet part was washed away. Officially, it’s a fact the filmmakers have not confirmed.

The world premiere of “No time to die” will be held April 2, 2020. The permanent executor of a role of agent 007 since 2006, Daniel Craig has already said goodbye to “bond” and stated that the game in the 25th part of the franchise will be his last role in this role.

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