Factory Bentley ceased to emit carbon dioxide

Factory Bentley ceased to emit carbon dioxide

Headquarters and Assembly plant of Bentley Motors in the English town of Crewe switched to completely renewable energy sources and no longer emit malicious CO2, which is the main cause of the so-called global warming.

Emotional speech of a schoolgirl Greta Thunberg at the UN summit on climate in new York shocked the world enlightened the public and made the heads of governments and corporations with a renewed energy to combat global warming, whose existence is not scientifically proven, but it is undeniable, to be the eradication of evil. Proponents of global warming believe: humanity is producing too much CO2, which leads to the greenhouse effect and heating of the planet. Most world leaders and large corporations have long been committed to reducing carbon emissions, but Greta Thunberg believes that greater effort is that the adults promptly ditched her childhood dream of a clean planet.


Meanwhile, even some supporters of the theory of global warming recognize that Greta exaggerates somewhat. Officials for the most part really slow, but this did not prevent them to tighten environmental nuts to the automotive industry so that concerns one by one announce the curtailment of development of the internal combustion engine and the full transition to electric traction, though the necessary infrastructure for it in most parts of the planet is not in the foreseeable future will not be. As to the large corporations, especially from the rich the IT sector at the highest possible speeds move to a full “greening” – for example, Amazon has ordered a startup Rivian from 100 thousand electric vans for the delivery of ordered goods to the population.

In an ideal scenario, supporters of the theory of global warming, all industry, service sector and private households have to switch to fully renewable energy sources, and the only source of anthropogenic CO2 emissions should be only human mouths. Probably even Greta Thunberg will not live up to such a marvelous transformation, but it may well be comforted by the visit to the factory Bentley Motors in Crewe – there is an ecological Paradise already exists.

British manufacturer of luxury cars, today announced that it switched completely to renewable clean energy. For this early in the year, the company purchased 10 thousand solar panels with a total area of 16 426 m2 and a capacity of 2.7 MW – placed them on a giant Parking lot for cars 1378. Previously, Bentley has purchased 20 815 solar panels along with new they give of 7.7 MW of energy. Omit the fact that the lion’s share of parts in Crewe comes from Germany (Bentley, recall, belongs to Volkswagen) with a not yet fully clear production, and also some of the background CO2 of the English factory still gives – it is inevitable in a number of technological operations, but these emissions the company compensates to purchase a special environmental loans. In General, the treasured certificate from the independent experts the Carbon Trust according to the carbon-neutral standard PAS 2060 at Bentley Motors now have.


Here only produces the factory does not clean cars – all Bentley while voracious is equipped with a powerful engine. The first hybrid model of the British brand – 462-strong crossover Bentayga Hybrid can drive on electric only 39 km – stood on the conveyor in the beginning of this week, but by 2023 Bentley will offer hybrid versions for all its models, and in 2025 will present its first electric car. Hopefully, the first instance will give Greta Thunberg – she will be able to get a driver’s license and self-assess new.

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