Fake Taxi in Bangalore | ft. Just Sul

Fake Taxi in Bangalore | ft. Just Sul


We’ve converted a 1975 Premier Padmani into a Fake Taxi in Bangalore. Watch what happens when I bump into Just Sul!Massive thanks to: @justsul & @drivelikeshana, make sure to follow them!Supercar Rally – Follow me on:Music by:Animality by Christian DavisKolkatta Cold Cut by Brent BourgeoisVanam Thirandhu by RiniCayman Negro by Dig InfinityCastle DeVille by Peter McConnell

yeah guys this did not go to plan this is the car i’m going to be driving right now i’m so sorry just saw this was not the plan oh i’m late what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here in bangalore india i’ve got something super exciting planned for today standing right next to a premier padmini now this is like a super traditional car here in india i have a friend here who’s going to show me around bangalore in this incredible car she has actually organized this car for us um and when you say you love your castle she’s a big porsche girl yeah how many porsches do you have i’ve got three four shoes so i mean yeah it’s so pretty it’s labeled this is your z so what other cars do you have um i’ve got an i’ve got an i’ve got an eva i’ve got some old classic cars as well next time we come we’ve got to just come to your place and check out your cars so perfect we went on a supercar rally together so check out that video if you haven’t yet seen it the link is in the description right below now what’s happening today is you’ve actually got your hands on one of the most traditional cars in india up until like the late 70s and you had a car you would likely have this yeah this would be it this is something that you would like your whole family yes so they were essentially literally this in another car which is an ambassador yeah but they were like the icons of india back then this was it you know it’s this or that and the color options were quite vanilla as well it’s either white or off-white just some old color like that yeah so and you were just lucky to have a car i suppose like you were cuz this is so special today because i get to be a par like a tiny little part of there i get to see what it’s like their history and their car history here in india so we’re going to jump in this and we’re going to go to one of the biggest busiest streets here in the city and see if we can pick people up because what we’ve done is thank you very much for sharing this help is turn it into a taxi look at this so this has gone on overnight taxi sign that they have redone the roof for us so that as we go through we will be yelling out who wants a free taxi ride and whoever wants to get somewhere will jump in the back and we’re going to take them around so i don’t know how this is going to work i’m not part of it she said i’ll come with you to the street then i’m out like that’s it for me like i’m not going to be a part of all of this craziness so um we’re going to go together to the street because otherwise yeah and they’re not going to be as lost as you as well so i don’t even know how this is gonna work okay i don’t know i don’t know god oh god i thought i had someone in the know scary okay all right i’m gonna jump in behind the wheel you’re gonna beat my passenger and we’ll just go for a ride so this is a guys this is the car from 1975. please explain yes um plastic lunch press the clutch yeah yeah so this is first wait wait wait wait so first so this is neutral yeah okay so towards me and up that’s first that’s first okay and then i go back to and down yes a little bit yeah second and then neutral we can put it up yeah that’s the neutral oh that that’s neutral and then okay let’s just stay in first and second so reverse is go all the way down and then down makes like a little clicking noise yeah so hang on let me try all the way down that’s it that’s true this can be fine guys it could be fine yeah the the good thing is it has a compass in case you go i don’t even know which way we’re going to be heading yeah i’m trying to work out what these levers are they must be indicators right yeah so this one indicator this one’s something else we’ll find out along the way it’ll be amazing isn’t it the key yeah it’s here okay ready all i’m just going to put my seat belt on there is none it’s fine it’s all good i like safety you know i’m not going to go past second gear anyway you can’t in this traffic so shana we’re ready for you jump in put your seat belt on um there’s something missing in this part yeah like seabills who needs them bloody hell who needs them i’ve never sat in one of these before oh my god really yeah no no gosh oh my god totally yeah it went well all right she just asked if i have it under control okay good someone’s like what’s this all right stop frozen this one all right what do you think that is what is that i don’t know that’s fine don’t touch it oh shucks what does it do i don’t know oh my god you guys so honking is so important here in this country that i have two buttons for my horn one on the right side and one on the left side so what i’m gonna do is come here i’m gonna keep one thumb on each honk button and that’s how i’m gonna make my way through the city okay i’m not here let’s go oh [ __ ] i thought i was in neutral oh [ __ ] am i not in neutral she stole it i thought i was in neutral i took the clutch off but apparently you can’t do that oh yes yeah yeah yeah okay good easy there we go here we go all right all right no one is nervous in this car very confident at least the brakes work we got the points see if we can get out of first there we go wow broom broom here we go good thing about these cars is you don’t really know much too you know you just it’s not going to break on you like you know it’s just like we’ve said that well actually what’s that guys this did not go to plan this is the car i meant to be driving right now there’s no ring mirrors on it but no no that’s just two main streets but you know what i’ve got a rear view mirror that’s good that works i believe there’s another gear yeah there we go i don’t know if i can get it out of seconds don’t worry i don’t think i can find third gear so i’m just gonna leave it in seconds so we’re just gonna have to go slow okay nothing to see here this girl’s grinding gears how hard is the the blinkers on it is that like we can just use our hands country yeah yeah that’s it that’s see that’s more traditional do you know what i mean whoever use indicators do you see anyone using indicators now there are necessarily aren’t they they’re not it’s just not no one uses them here they’re not essential there we go that’s it positive vibes nothing’s going to happen we’re going to pick up oh my gosh what i got wow slow down the window as well yeah just you gotta control yeah you gotta do it you gotta and you know when you drive this you gotta say crossways they always had this thing of sitting crossway so yeah that’s it and hand out halfway out body out then you can’t find the break oh [ __ ] yeah just sit straight don’t don’t don’t do that get in the past okay we’re doing pretty damn well i must say yeah it’s pretty awesome i haven’t stolen yet so oh my god there’s just no lanes that’s it i can’t believe my brain are you sweating man i’m sweating like nothing else this is crazy i like it what is the coin holder oh my gosh this is oh that’s a cop no way do you know what i’ve never seen that since i was like i don’t really have a toy i mean it’s a good thing we’re not working too far that’s good no like we don’t have seat belts and i don’t know like people i just need to keep pressing the horn and i make people understand me you know i like this kind of driving style because it’s fun it’s cool it’s authentic you know what i mean and you know to be honest there’s not a lot in it that can go wrong hi hello hi you want a free taxi hello oh there’s a cow oh my god oh my god oh [ __ ] let’s get out of here you know what i mean you can just say you can get a hug you know this is where you wanted to get out right this is this is it’s called the russell market jesus i can’t even hear what you’re saying it smells so good i know i know oh my god this goes up okay good we made it all right and this is where i actually get off now you’re gonna go i’m not surprised i’m good i’m gonna uber it back home with the proper uber you have fun and you’re telling me you don’t mean to wait around they’re not i can easily drop you back i’m good i’m good i’m good i think i’m at my bottom but if they see it’s not soiled yet for the next person to come in have fun oh damn charlotte i’ll see you around oh my god taxi you need taxi no taxi you want taxi anyone taxi they don’t want taxes we’re going to try and pick someone up now um there are people everywhere picking yeah fancy finding you on the streets here in bangalore what how are you man fine playing good this is your city yeah this is your home oh my god i found just saul he was shining with his gold chains i couldn’t miss him wow my first victim yeah are you nervous yeah yes should we go get a curry yeah yeah yeah sorry you are my curry of my rice thank you this is my country but is this yours i love my india yes it is oh your city is mumbai yeah i love bangalore also ah so so we’re both we’re both foreigners here yeah okay yeah what what what is this smell smell curry smells smelly what’s your favorite curry curry chicken curry oh yeah chicken curry i love chocolate what about some good naan bread patreon yeah butternut okay we’re gonna go eat some chicken curry yeah chicken curry with pizza supercar brownie see we got brownie yeah i love it okay we’re gonna start a new instagram handle for just so called supercar brownie okay now just so before we leave before i drop you off wait wait okay okay what are you going to shop for some of my side chicks oh you’re going to go shopping for chicks huh oh some girls so and what kind of girls do you like best london a blonde girl oh you already got one yeah yeah you already picked me up today nice work you know what i think i need some more gold chains supercar brownie love you okay now sing sing a song for us another one you are such a i love it i love it what a compliment thank you why why are you in bangalore now are you what are you doing in bangalore entertainment for the people oh entertainment i love it dance jokes dance jokes sing yeah yeah everything is there something you can teach me okay we’ll hang out teach you how to dance indian okay okay let’s do it okay when i drop you off you can teach me after a bit and then i gotta go pick up someone else yeah oh my god oh i found you a beautiful dress up here yeah oh no it’s stalled do you like indian dress should i get a sorry you’re blocking the traffic stove okay is release the clutch and see if the car will start luckily we’re on a down we’re on a downward slope so the car is just literally rolling down this hill the good thing is that we have lots of people around i’m so sorry to our soul this was not the plan oh i am lit the good thing is that if we do have trouble we’ve got like so many people around to help push saul’s complaining because now he’s late for going shopping for dicks i’m costing him at least one girlfriend right now this did not go to plan this is the car i’m going to be driving right now it’s 42 degrees out i’m sweating like crazy and we are rolling it down the hill that is what’s happening right now and now everyone’s just got their phones out like so i just had to get in the car because apparently there’s something happening up here there’s lots of cops left the car behind it’s run out of battery in the market and we’ve lost just saw don’t know where he is anyway he said he wanted to go to the mall and go shopping for chicks so i think he’ll be fine i mean he loses his luggage so maybe he needs some clothes yeah this is his manager um brain’s brawn behind the account we’re with the manager and he seems pretty chill about not having just saul getting a little break so let’s see if he rocks up at the hotel um sorry so i think he’s in his home country so he’ll find his way out lost it would have been a big problem did you find some chips many many side chicks many side chicks are you cheating on me yeah oh okay at least he’s up front and honest about it thank you so much but i’m still your number one chick right yeah okay spare tire did you hear that you’re my spare tire oh my gosh i didn’t even make it onto the car i’m just like this bed tire in the back go and subscribe my channel and blondie channel to it click that button check out the link in the description take it take it check it fun i don’t know i’m swimming where else

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