Fake Tesla on the basis of the Frets at a cost of $1300

Fake Tesla on the basis of the Frets at a cost of $1300


Not long ago, the Internet exploded with a copy of the Tesla Cybertruck seen on then roads. The reporters found that kind of car and where all “grow legs”.

As reported by Autogeek, a copy of the new electric car belongs to then great Alexander Trubnikov. Actually, he built it and – with his team.

As it turned out, a copy of a pickup truck Tesla really built on the basis of the old Way: the basis for it was the “people’s car” VAZ-2109. However, it is still a petrol car: electric stuffing it is not installed. In addition, the machine is missing the side door: apparently, the access to the interior is provided through the hinged tailgate.


Work on a copy of the Tesla took eight days, while just worked on a project to three people. Regarding the budget, the construction of Cybertrek a cost of approximately 80 000 rubles, the equivalent of almost 1300 dollars.

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