Family racketeering: Porsche will have to pay VW for the right to produce electric cars

Family racketeering: Porsche will have to pay VW for the right to produce electric cars


Porsche is to pay $ 113 million to Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle business in compensation for canceling the deal. The site for the production of cars was supposed to be a plant in Hanover.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to AutoNews.

A deal has been struck within the Volkswagen Group allowing Porsche to manufacture its future high-performance electric vehicle at its own site, rather than at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Hanover. Previous plans have suggested that Porsche’s promising electric vehicles will be built alongside siblings Audi and Bentley. They are united by the promising Audi Artemis Project.

Porsche believes that buyers of their cars need less automation and a higher demand for productivity, and therefore does not want to use many of the advanced driver assistance systems offered by the Artemis project.

“Since Porsche will use a different platform in the design of its new models, the Stöcken facility is unlikely to offer any meaningful synergy,” Porsche Holding said in a statement in December. “Building two new production lines with different platforms would complicate the process unnecessarily.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the refusal to jointly build production lines will force Porsche to pay $ 113 million. Porsche has confirmed that the company will manufacture its electric flagship, known internally as the K1, at its Leipzig plant. The Volkswagen plant in Hannover will produce the Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric minivan, as well as the flagship Audi and Bentley electric vehicles.

Recall that sales of electric cars in Ukraine increased by 19% over the year. In December, the number of registrations per month exceeded 900 for the first time.

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