Famous Hollywood composer will put the voice of the electric BMW

Famous Hollywood composer will put the voice of the electric BMW


BMW has announced that composer Hans Zimmer, who worked on the films “inception” and “interstellar”, will develop a sound for electric models of the brand. And we are not talking only about electric cars, but also hybrids.

Have Zimmer already had experience with BMW. So, this summer, he recorded sound for the concept car Vision M NEXT: the sounds of acceleration and stop imitating the roar of an internal combustion engine as well as clicks of buttons. The sound has not only aesthetic function, but also practical – warns pedestrians about the approaching car.


A collection of sounds developed by Zimmer for the Bavarian company will appear under the brand BMW IconicSounds Electric.

Hans Zimmer remains one of the most innovative composers in the film industry. In 1988 he was nominated for an Oscar in the category “Best original soundtrack” for the film “rain Man”, and seven years later received three awards – the Oscar, Golden globe and Grammy in the category “Best soundtrack” for the animated film “the lion King”.

Zimmer had a hand in such films as “pearl Harbor”, “pirates of the Caribbean, “Madagascar”, “the Dark knight” by Christopher Nolan, and “driving miss Daisy.”

With regard to the said show-car Vision M is NEXT, then 600-strong coupe with a carbon fiber body and doors”gull wings” debuted at the end of June in Munich. The concept has received a hybrid propulsion system, which comprises a pair of electric motors mounted on the rear axle, and a two-liter gasoline engine. Claimed acceleration to “hundreds” of three seconds and a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

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