Fans more: Corolla Touring Sports GR Sport

Fans more: Corolla Touring Sports GR Sport


One of the best-selling hybrid cars Toyota Corolla Touring Sports gets a sportier and more dynamic look. A new performance will appear in the family of this model. Toyota Corolla Touring Sports GR Sport is already a reality.

The 2021 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports range has been updated with important new features. Toyota intends to continue to drive sales of its popular hybrid vehicle. For this, a new version is being prepared, which has a clear goal – to bring out the sportier and more dynamic side of this electrified vehicle.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Toyota Corolla GR Sport is easily recognizable. At the same time, it has several specific features. The emblem of this version flaunts on the boot lid or on the seat backs. In addition, it features exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels and a two-tone body finish. There are shades to choose from: Manhattan Gray, Ascari Gray, Orion Blue, Pearl White or Emotion Red. They are combined with a black roof.

The front is also highlighted by the Toyota emblem on a black background. The grille has a honeycomb structure and is equipped with Bi-LED headlights. Black is also present on the wheels, black piping at the bottom of the doors and on the rear bumper diffuser.

The interior is fitted with heated sporty design seats covered in exclusive mixed upholstery. Noteworthy is the perforated leather multifunction steering wheel and the design of the floor mats.

There is no news on the mechanical side. The GR Sport trim is only accessible via the 180H engine. That is, a hybrid mechanics with a 2.0-liter petrol engine. It is connected to a small 80 kW electric motor. It develops a power of 184 hp. and a maximum torque of 190 Nm. All of this is controlled by the e-CVT automatic transmission and front-wheel drive system. And thanks to the battery in the hybrid system, you can travel short distances in all-electric mode.

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