Fast and furious in Bangkok: police isiala several thousand mopeds

Fast and furious in Bangkok: police isiala several thousand mopeds


Thai police detained for 11 days, about 5 600 motorcyclists and scooter – in the framework of the carried out special operations against street racing. About it write local mass-media.

The detainees, as well as proven, but remains at large, bikers, 700 seized 17 motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

The operation to curb the activities of street racers was held in Bangkok and its vicinity in the period from June 20 to 30. As explained in the police Department of the Metropolitan region of Thailand, all of the confiscated units of motorcycles distinguished by the presence of a modified exhaust system – pipe with the mufflers replaced with pryamotaki.


It has opened a court case on 3 088 of motomatters in which the tuning specialists thus change the exhaust system to making more noise. Taken to control 668 parents of street racers, many of whom were minors.

As noted in the service of the protection order, street racers on two wheels in Thailand began to travel EN masse to the streets on June 15, immediately after the cancellation of June 14, curfew earlier imposed due to kovida. Then started again and the illegal street-racing competitions, in which in Thailand are more likely to participate precisely on two-wheeled transport than the car.

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