Fast, economical and environmentally friendly hybrid Audi Q5 by ABT

Fast, economical and environmentally friendly hybrid Audi Q5 by ABT


After a crazy RS 6 and RS 7 tuners built much less fast, but a practical crossover Q5.

The Atelier has become a kind of alternative to the “heated” crossover SQ5, which in Europe is sold only with a diesel engine. Fans of other fuels you can now look at the ABT Q5 TFSIe.

The hybrid power plant is source of the crossover Q5 55 TFSIe, consisting of two-liter turbo engine and electric motor, develops “from the factory” 367 HP and 500 Nm of torque. To contact the electric component of the tuner decided not to, but over a gasoline engine worked badly.


As a result, now the hybrid SUV has 425 HP and 550 Nm. Data on how has changed the dynamics of the Q5, at ABT has not released, but the novelty was definitely faster in acceleration to hundred, which is the standard crossover weighing just over two tons takes 5.3 seconds. By the way, the diesel SQ5 does the same for 5.1 s, so the creation of ABT, it is possible, surpass him.

It should be noted that the tuning house has developed a set of modifications for the younger version of hybrid, which is the official index Q5 50 TFSIe. In this case, the cumulative effect of both engines grows with 299 HP and 450 Nm to 357 HP and 500 Nm of torque. At ABT is emphasized that the hybrid powerplant of the SUV despite the impressive returns different outstanding efficiency.

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