Fast & Furious Unreleased Scenes | ft. Cody Walker

Fast & Furious Unreleased Scenes | ft. Cody Walker


Cody and I are talking the iconic Nissan Skyline & Mitsubishi Eclipse replicas from the Fast & Furious Movies onto a fierce street race! Follow us on:Special thanks to:@seanlee768, @largespoon, @thefastandfuriouseclipse and @bwcarslaThanks to

oh and fresh roses and everything oh thank you thank you what is this setup fruits Oh YUM oh do you know why they’ve got this year cuz you look I put a story off of me eating grilled corn and they saw that and they’ve got grilled corn that’s attention to detail that’s really nice and look at these rows as well oh my god every time we steak you look how much water there is because we keep asking for water right so now they just know they put a lot of water in the room and also Nick you love here take away coffee look how many there are there’s enough here for about 30 days straight down on folks to use it appraised Willis down there beautiful we’re cruising on a cloud just picked up a rolls-royce dawn from black and white thank you so much over the last few times I’ve been driving a Rolls I think I’ve pretty much made up my mind that this is the next purchase I want to make write it cuz yeah we want to go rolls it’s literally like driving on a cloud you don’t get any kind of road rage because you just don’t care if it takes you a little bit longer to get somewhere but so you feel in a Rolls just LA in a nut job driving a Rolls Royce down a palm tree-lined road this is the life what’s up so we’re just about to shoot this skit with Cody and we got the skyline over there we were just about to head to the location to shoot and the skyline is what I’m interning on yeah we’re doing fast and furious shoot with Cody and now Cody’s trying to jumpstart for skyline and we haven’t even started the show yet Cody Cody what are we doing here we’re jumping the art oh my god I thought you’re about to race this beast buddy need some battery needs a little bit of juice first and then then we’re gonna race nothing is ever smooth like you don’t like it to me we’re good excellent this is from the fourth movie and you say you want to drive this one rather than me yeah I do like because this car is much more badass than a Mitsubishi Eclipse you’re gonna I think I’m gonna win in the Norn badass car then see what do you think winter keeps the car let’s race oh uh yellow whoa that was close that is so dangerous they’re all yours hey just out of curiosity how much does that thing cost well then you can afford pal yeah well I still want damn how am I gonna get this car home all right that’s it hope you enjoyed I am sweating like nothing else no aircon in this car you actually had warm air into Cody he’s boasting about everywhere yeah we had a great time filming this I hope you guys really really enjoyed it our big big thanks to Sean for organizing everything Kevin Kevin Calvin Calvin they’re their cars so they brought them out today for us and big big thanks to Cody you’re a champion mate Thank You Alan everyone go find Cody on Instagram you can see it right here on screen go follow him he’s awesome make sure you like this video and subscribe to supercar Blondie’s Channel and follow her on Instagram and Facebook supercar blondie a supercar blondie it’s on the lower part of the screen they swissbear egos I did not pay him anything to say that okay maybe a few bucks

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