“Fast production car” will be delayed

“Fast production car” will be delayed


The release of the Tesla Model S with the Plaid prefix, which is the fastest electric car in the arsenal of the American manufacturer, has been postponed again. The first copies were supposed to go to customers on June 3, but the head of Tesla Elon Musk said that the model needs another week to “tune”.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is now scheduled to start shipping on June 10, Musk said on Twitter. He also did not forget to further stir up interest in the release of the model and noted that it “looks like a spaceship.” The businessman did not disclose any details about the reasons for the next postponement, saying that the matter is in the settings that Tesla engineers must figure out in a week.

This isn’t the first time that the Model S Plaid has been delayed. The electric car was supposed to enter the market in February, but this never happened. Then the reason was the testing of batteries, which had to be additionally checked for safety. Deliveries had to be postponed to May and then to June.

The updated Tesla Model S was presented at the end of January this year. The model has slightly changed in appearance, received a revised interior and a new top-end version of the Plaid, which Musk called “the fastest accelerating car ever produced.

This Model S is equipped with a three-engine power plant that produces 1,034 horsepower at its peak. From zero to 60 miles (97 kilometers) per hour, the electric car accelerates in 1.99 seconds versus 2.3 seconds in the former fastest Model S – Performance. The maximum speed is 322 kilometers per hour and the power reserve is 628 kilometers.

And this is not the limit: the Model S Plaid + is being prepared for release, which will be able to drive up to 840 kilometers on a full battery charge. Orders for the long-range version are accepted from winter. They promised to send such electric cars to the first customers before the end of the year, however, judging by the situation with the “usual” Model S Plaid, they may also be delayed.

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