Faster than Tesla: Hyundai and Boston Dynamics have developed a robot (video)

Faster than Tesla: Hyundai and Boston Dynamics have developed a robot (video)


Hyundai has unveiled a new service robot called the Factory Safety Service Robot (the company simply calls it “Robot”), which has begun working in a test facility at KIA’s plant in South Korea. The android will have to patrol the facility and perform various tasks in the enterprise.

The four-legged robot is developed on the basis of the android Spot of the American company Boston Dynamics, which is controlled by Hyundai. Robot orients itself in space thanks to the built-in thermal imager and 3D lidar, which allow it to recognize people, monitor temperature rise to dangerous values ​​and fire risks, and also determine if the door is open or not. Plus, the robot can move in narrow spaces and monitor blind spots that are inaccessible to the human eye.

Android makes decisions based on autonomous navigation data and artificial intelligence with machine learning. In addition, the robot can be controlled remotely using a secure web page that broadcasts its movements live through the plant.

As part of tests at the South Korean enterprise KIA, the robot will conduct night patrols. Experts will assess the concentration and effectiveness of the android, after which the possibility of its wider application will be considered.

Hyundai acquired a majority stake in Boston Dynamics at the end of 2020. The South Korean automaker is looking to expand the use of robotics in its factories to improve safety and working conditions. In addition, some developments can be used in future electric cars and automatic control systems.

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