“FASTEST CAR IN THE WORLD” vs Yacht | New Zealand Race

“FASTEST CAR IN THE WORLD” vs Yacht | New Zealand Race


Jeremy and James head to New Zealand to take part in a race from the Coromandel Peninsula to the northern tip of the North Island. James had to cover 220 miles (350 km) in the America’s Cup yacht Oracle, whilst Jeremy had a much longer 410 miles (660 km). The Oracle’s crew was made up of James, Olympic gold medallist Sir Ben Ainslie and several America’s Cup winners. Jeremy’s Auris is a rental, thus “the fastest car in the world”, and he has little regard for its safety… Taken from Episode 1, Series 20.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

Oh, dear! I've run into
the white cliffs of Dover, literally. Still, could be worse. -Sir Ben Ainslie, sir?
-Yes. Please don't take this personally,
but this is bloody purgatory! Can you imagine… No, I can't. Ow! Meanwhile, I'd found a track. This must take me back to the road. Oh, my God! Tractor! -Sir Ben Ainslie, sir?
-Yes! What happens if you need
a slash on this boat? -I think there's a bucket somewhere.
-Right. I might just piss myself. What is the point of sailing? The track had indeed taken me
back to the road, but the accident with the tractor meant I was no longer driving
the fastest car in the world. That noise is not good. It's not going to make it.
It just is not going to make it. So there was only one thing for it. -Hi.
-Good afternoon. I've got a small problem with my car. There was a maniacal tractor driver who was doing 70 kilometres an hour,
I swerved… In a jiffy, the helpful hire car lady
had me back in the race. Now, in one important respect, this car is not the same as the one
I started out with. But at the finish line, I suspect James
will be so exhausted he won't notice… that I set off with a blue car
and ended up with a red one. And anyway, right now I had bigger issues, because I was 100 miles
from the finish line and James was only 50 miles away. To win, then,
I'd have to go twice as fast. Nice, guv! Lovely work. Steady, boys. Stay vigilant, though, boys! Stay on it! -Jeremy, where is he?
-No idea. No comms. Come on! We've got the fastest car
in the world, now use it. Twenty-three knots. Okay! Three, two, one! Diving! [bleep] Come on, James, give him a hand!
Come on, man. It's not the bloody love boat. Come on, Jeremy, concentrate, concentrate. Make every corner as crisp as you can.
Come on! Just ticked over nine hours. I'm so sick of this. What I really needed
was a road with no corners. And thanks to this wonderful country,
that's exactly what I found. Yee-haw! This is called Ninety Mile Beach,
because it is exactly 55 miles long. I don't understand that, either. What I do know and I do understand,
is that it is genuinely a public highway. It's a road. No traffic, no corners,
James May, you have had it. In the boat, we were about to go
round the very top of New Zealand. That is the cape there. Once we've rounded that,
we think we'll have wind and a bit of tide with us,
the water will be flat, then we've got about ten miles
of pleasant sailing, like in Howards' Way. It can't come soon enough. Jesus. Bit wobbly there. Yeah, boys, just stay vigilant
for this last six or seven miles. Not far to go. I was now off Ninety Mile Beach. Back on gravel. I wasn't expecting that. Come on, small red hatchback,
whatever you are. I'm doing this now to uphold
the honour of coal, gas and oil… the cornerstones of civilisation. -Is that our beach there?
-Yeah. The finish line was a chequered flag
at the water's edge, but to make my day even more miserable, Sir Ben announced that the boat
couldn't actually get there. You're going to have to jump off
and swim ashore. What? You're joking! There's now only five miles to go. Okay, James. Don't lose it now. Do not lose it now! Go for it, James! Swim! Come on! No! No! Come on! Please! Have I won? Have I won? Have I won? Oh, man in heaven! Oh, God! Holy cow! Have you seen your face? I was just about to conclude and say,
we must now close down all coal and gas-powered power stations and switch immediately to wind power, 'cause obviously it's better,
but look what it does to you! It's brought me out in boils
and sores and blindness. Did you have to use
any of your insurance waiver forms? No, none at all.
The car got here without a single scratch. -It was blue when you set off.
-It wasn't. -Wasn't it? It was blue!
-It wasn't. -I'd have sworn it was blue, wasn't it?
-It was red.

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