Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 27

Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 27


is back this Sunday, 8pm BBC Two. Tune in to see Chris Harris take on the brand-new Ariel Atom and watch Freddie bungee jump… a Rover Metro Cabriolet.To whet your appetite in the meantime, here are some of the fastest cars from last series including the Ferrari 488 Pista, Lotus 79, McLaren 600LT and Tesla Model 3 to name but a few. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

444 horsepower 48 grand model 3 performance this is the car but Tesla boss Elon Musk boasted was quicker than a bmw m3 with better handling the car that will beat anything in its class on the track that is quite some claim Elon time then Fred against the ultimate fire saloons from Mercedes AMG the c63 s from Alfa Romeo the Julia QV and of course from BMW the m3 first up a drag race with a difference we’re so used to Tesla’s being fast in a straight line now but in my experience electric cars are really quick off the line but above 100 they tend to get caught by piston engine cars so I’ve made the drag race a bit longer half a mile twice the normal distance and when outside the usual Tesla stomping ground the line 60 takes 3.2 seconds they’re not closing it I’m still pulling away oh no the birds coming back at me 1:30 the votes coming back a very very calm oh just got me at the end oh so it’s a win for petrol but only just an only north of a hundred and twenty let’s not forget in the real world even the fastest saloon wouldn’t see which way the Tesla went this is the traffic light King this thing it’s an ak-47 disguised as a butter knife over the hive of nurses in possibly the coolest loads of ever made hundred seventy hoes party weighs just over half a ton it’s seriously seriously positive the hard line is I totally got what I did the fe3c obviously if you told me that one day I get to even sit in this thing I’ve never saved Jamie but timing it but that wasn’t all the 79 had to give because Lotus said I could drive one lap just one lap with the cars revolutionary vacuum inducing skirts all the way down full ground effect mode still it stopped the Stutz I thought that I can happen you can feel the dolls even at medium speeds it’s just so our town let’s say the fastest corner apple with the skirts down so to eat quick man and now there’s this 600 LT which might be 65,000 pounds cheaper than the bestir I’m not sure at 65,000 pounds less car I reckon this could be very close by a woman 180 over the line okay it’s quicker but it’s not my day it’s not nine days and we know he’s got more reliably than me I’m not convinced at all Rory just a gray wig no drips machine entertain special car you don’t come across these very often this is the strid alley yes this is a road we’re ready do you want to get it on the try what a little thing naught to 60 takes just over three seconds flat out it’ll do 174 miles an hour but in this badali it’s how eager it is to get there that really gets your blood pumping oh you put on makeup straight away a little racing car with a number plate god but great so happy too and that’s because the sir dolly is light really light dallara has built the stradale almost entirely of carbon fiber the skeleton and bodywork a carbon fiber most of the interior even the cup holder all in this car tips the scales at a racecar rivaling 900 kilos and the motorsport know-how doesn’t end there you know what separates proper rates cars from just a regular faster it’s not power its downforce this car it’s all about the downforce flatout the strategy makes a mighty 800 kilos of the stuff massive scoops behind the wheel that enormous rear wing there manipulating the airflow over the car to literally stick it to the surface of the track and that means it can do this that’s progress you can feel it’s like a paper thumb thing is so sure says that this will produce lateral forces of to G’s racecar deport Sakana g-force but makes you feel like your brains about to leak out of your ears oh yes oh did I hear you go oh well look it goes well I’m not gonna deny that let’s just take a bit of time knock yourself out so let’s just start with the basics and talk of the motive is grave BMW make a really good engine at the moment but you know what from the moment I got in it it sounded like a BMW really keep their power steering pumps linear all the way through to fill up with a lock like that about why this feels to me so what whole ones bothered a very that one’s for them it’s not a Toyota what does the Toyota feel like Chris from the inside it would have a really crazy interior you have a 2jz up front making hissing and washing noises it sound turbocharged do you know what honey it might be a little bit worse as a car but it would wreak of style I just think it’s a missed opportunity you know the particulars it’s like finding out that Charles Dickens wants to write the best book ever and he phones up Emily Bronte and says can you do this and then just send me the manuscript afterwards yes for um can you imagine Charles Dickens and Emily Bronson writing a book together it’s a best-seller Chris oh I don’t know it’s perfectly good but it or no books no books is it’s a good sports car yes God no I think there might still be a few milli on the robber knock yourself oh go do some wars kids loving sick you

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