Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 28

Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 28


Series 28 saw some rather rapid machinery piloted by one Mr Chris Harris. We had the bonkers VW I.D. R which accelerates faster than an F1 car, through to a £72k hot hatch in the shape of the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R. Here’s some of our favourite moments. Which was yours? Series 28: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

christopher are you ready as i’ll ever be here we go then ready steady go i’m off the quick start by arrest he’s where’s the jets okay come on mr mclaren come on mr mclaren this is where we’ll get our time where is he where is he i can see the f-35 no got it got it and over the line that is one of the coolest pieces of engineering i’ve ever seen if i’m gonna lose to anyone i’m gonna lose to that according to porsche turbo doesn’t mean turbo anymore it now just means really fast so the question for the tai can turbo s is just how really fast is it right mr electric porsche launch control so i go sport plus maximum response left foot on the brake right foot on the throttle and here we go it’s just done 90 and 100 miles an hour 120 100 allow me to be a little bit speechless it’s relentless this thing will go from a standing start to the speed limit on a motorway in about three seconds if that’s not fast enough for you don’t take up base jumping or something wow and while most electric cars after that sort of launch have to go and cool down for a bit before having another go with its higher voltage and clever motors the ti cam can do the big acceleration thing again wow and again that’s 120 miles an hour and again it hurts for kidneys better still porsche has pulled every engineering trick in the book to make sure the tai can is also like no other electric car through the corners it’s got rear wheels steering it’s got torque vectoring it’s got electromechanical roll stabilization the upshot is he goes like a porsche around a track wow this thing weighs 2.4 times that’s more than a rain rover it has no right to drive like this to accelerate stop and change direction the way it does we just did a smoker we just did a smokey with a porsche i’ve never done that in an electric car before wow okay you got my attention now porsche you got my attention this has not been done before this thing absolutely loves the corners turning is superb even in the wet it’s bonkers it’s like a little touring car the regular mcgann’s a bit so so but this thing is a little monster a big part of the trophy r’s remarkable transformation is down to a crash diet the wheels are carbon fiber saving 60 kilos the bombings is carbon fiber saving eight kilos this thinner glass so another kilo and the rear seats have gone making this perhaps the only hatchback with dedicated doors for your shopping they even use the smaller sat nav screen from lesser mcgann’s to save 250 grams all in they’ve saved 130 kilograms over the standard mcgann rs that is christian bale levels of dedication to the role this 670 horsepower idr accelerates faster than a formula one car but straight line speed is just the warm-up act because the idr’s wings and fins generate over a ton of down force and with its electric motors also providing four-wheel drive when you get to a corner the effect is profound this thing grips so hard test drivers are blacked out driving it and if you think that thing accelerates hard did you feel the brakes it will pull five teeth away but it makes your brain move around inside your skull yeah copy that box box yeah i should have mentioned that is the one issue with the idr already i need to stop and plug it in driven hard the idr will manage just 12 miles before needing a let’s be honest lengthy recharge but there’s a very good reason for that and that reason is pike’s peak every summer this legendary mountain in the heart of the colorado rockies plays host to the greatest hill climb race on the planet the road to the summit is 12 miles long and since the idr was built to get up there faster than any car ever before 12 miles of range was all it needed and electric power would give it the edge like us petrol engines breathe air and the summit of pike’s peak is at over 14 000 feet there’s not much air at that altitude a regular internal combustion engine can lose more than a third of its power up there but an electric car well that’s just as powerful at the top as it is at the bottom so if you want to get really high electricity is what you need not that atoms have ever struggled to get the ticker ticking what they have sometimes struggle with is the whole going round corners thing understeer and the first sniff of a corner not this one i’m not understeering i’m cornering and i know exactly what the front wheels are doing now i see the suspension arms moving and when you’ve had enough of nimbly carving up corners jansen will happily play the delinquent too whoa couldn’t delight in the stones same engine as the civic type remember this thing weighs up to 600 kilograms can’t get enough of it it’s so extreme so they say never meet your heroes between your shoulders gearbox is sensational oh the traction it’s so short wheelbase that it’s just agile i want one of these

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