Fatigue of the drivers in the SEAT models will follow artificial intelligence

Fatigue of the drivers in the SEAT models will follow artificial intelligence


The project team Xplora created by “Seat” for cooperation with startups working on automotive technology of the future, teamed up with Israeli Eyesight Technologies to create a fundamentally new system of monitoring the state of the driver. Developed in the framework of the cooperation software can not only determine was asleep or not, but “understand” if he sees an approaching pedestrian.

The headquarters of Eyesight Technologies in Israel. Startup razrabatyvaet tracking system for the actions of the driver that use computer vision technology and artificial intelligence. For example, FOR real-time analysis of human movement determines the direction of gaze, eyes open or closed, and how often he blinks.

The algorithm is able to determine when a person is asleep or distracted, and he sees the car approaching pedestrian or not. In addition, the system can recognize different drivers and selects the necessary settings of the air conditioner, seat position, steering wheel and mirrors. In SEAT are sure that the improvement of such systems will significantly reduce the number of road accidents due to carelessness – their share in the total number is 36% (UK data).


Apart from Eyesight Technologies in the partner list Xplora is firm Gauzy. She creates glass with a special film of liquid crystals under the action of electric micropulses changes the degree of transparency. Technology enables arbitrary dimming individual areas, although Continental has already figured out how to use these glasses as displays.

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