FAW conducted a unique crash test to dropping a car from a helicopter!


FAW conducted a unique crash test to dropping a car from a helicopter. The objective of this test is to check the safety of the vehicle in the event of a fall from height and rollover. The first tested model was the crossover FAW Besturn X40.

In a joint examination of the most authoritative experts on the safety of the Chinese centre of automobile technologies and researches and leading mass media of China, received excellent test results. FAW Besturn X40 became the first automotive brand in China, the record for this indicator of security.

Under crash test helicopter lifts their car off the ground, and starts to accelerate. When its speed reaches 120 km/h, he reveals the capture and resets the car with the air on the ground. Because of the huge speed drop, the car, hitting the ground continuously turned a few times. At the end of the test was conducted to verify condition of the vehicle, and collected relevant data.

The car showed excellent results in all test sites and proved the title of “safest Car”:

  • From the structural integrity of the vehicle remained intact, a car door is still easily opened without external force.
  • The test for the injection it was found that the fuel tank is not leaking.
  • Under the protection of the restraint system remained normal position the test dummy in the driver and front passenger.

Test the reset and rollover is a reproduction of the real forms of a traffic accident. According to statistics CIDAS, falling of vehicles from bridges, cliffs or hills is a typical form of the accident. The proportion of deaths or serious injuries caused by falling vehicles with height, much higher than in case of other accidents. This test reset and rollover just mimics this typical picture of the accident, so testing is closest to reality. The obtained results demonstrate the reliable protection of passengers in this type of accidents.

High security vehicles FAW is achieved through a hardened body type “3H”, which is used ultra-high-strength steel. Design of multi-channel energy transfer can instantly distributes tremendous kinetic energy from the impact around the body which allows to avoid local deformation, and thereby to ensure the safety of passengers. Additionally, the front and rear doors, and front and rear bumper amplified high-strength impact beams. This allows to ensure effective protection of passengers in frontal and side collisions.

With the passage of one of the crash test C-NCAP, Besturn X40 also received the maximum five-star safety assessment.

Safety is one of the main components in the design of the model line FAW Besturn. The first large-scale test in China to reset and rollover of the vehicle breaks the usual stereotypes and demonstrates the highest level of security of the FAW cars.

In Ukraine is the exclusive distributor of FAW – Group of companies AIS. Sales of passenger, commercial and freight cars FAW in our country will begin in the fall of this year.

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