FAW introduced electricross E115 and hybrid supercar S9

FAW introduced electricross E115 and hybrid supercar S9


The Hongqi brand owned by FAW, brought at the Frankfurt motor show new concepts. Both models are soon to embark on serial production.

Under the Hongqi brand Since 1958, China produced limousines for the elite. Since 90s the company began to produce cars for diplomats and middle managers. In 2013 appeared the first civilian model, the H7 sedan. This year Hongqi introduced the three crossover – HS5, HS7 and electric car E-HS3. The FAW group, which recently acquired the brand, seriously thinking to enter the European market.

However, at the Frankfurt motor show was not announced even approximate terms of the beginning of sales in Europe. But introduced two new Hongqi – electricross E115 and hybrid supercar S9.


The hybrid, doors “butterfly wing”, which became traditional for the genre of car mid-engine coupe. Under the hood is 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine. There is no information about the engine power and electric motor. However, the declared total capacity of 1,400 horsepower. According to manufacturers, from 0 to 100 km/h supercar can accelerate for 1.9 seconds, and its top speed over 400 km/h.

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Another concept is an electric crossover Hongqi E115, too, should become a production model. The car is built on the latest platform. The company is silent about the power plant. However, the crossover is equipped with all-wheel drive system and a choice of driving modes (of seven). Without recharging the electric car drives up to 600 km Hongqi E115 equipped with autopilot fourth level.

For the design of these concepts meets Giles Taylor, a former chief designer of Rolls-Royce.

Some of the concepts Hongqi do you like more?

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