Feel like agent 007: special version Aston Martin

Feel like agent 007: special version Aston Martin


The office of special projects Q by Aston Martin will celebrate the release of the new film about James bond with the release of limited edition models, Aston Martin Vantage and DBS Superleggera. The publication got the name 007 Edition, and while working on it, the designers were inspired including previous paintings about the legendary spy. Results will be released no more than 100 Vantage coupe and only 25 copies of DBS Superleggera.

Vantage 007 limited Edition inspired by the original look of the Aston Martin V8, which debuted in the fifteenth film in the James bond movie “the living daylights” (1987). Coupe among other things excreted by the body color Cumberland Grey mesh grille with chrome surround. Yellow accents in the lower part of the body to imitate the coloring of a sliding skids and nozzle of a jet engine in the movie car. Additionally, for model, you can order a set of skis and a special attachment for their transportation.

In the cabin — upholstery in black leather, insert, color “black chrome” and the commemorative plaque. The grooves on the seat cushions made in the image of Aston Martin V8. The headrests on the reverse side is a depiction of afov sound holes of a cello, is another reference to the film in 1987. On sun visors embroidered FM frequency 96.60: in “the living daylights” the wave used by the police. Under the armrest of the hidden schematic image of remote control spy gadgets.

“James bond” Aston Martin DBS Superleggera can be identified by the external Ceramic Grey color, the exterior of carbon fiber, gloss black 21-inch wheels and emblems of the series. Interior compartment made in black with the red inserts, on the thresholds of the decree the General circulation. Model DBS Superleggera Edition 007 025 estimated at 279 pounds. Coupe Vantage 007 Edition cheaper: 161 000 pounds.

// Series 007 Edition is a joint project of “Aston” and removing the “James bond” film company EON Productions, dedicated to the release of the film “No time to die.” The painting will be presented from four models the British: already have become immortal classic DB5, V8 coupe, Superleggera, and DBS modern mid-engined hypercar Valhalla with wing, made by NASA.

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