Female BMW

Female BMW


In the family BMW 5 series next generation will be a version with electric propulsion. A fully “green” option will receive the new crossover X1, according to Carscoops, citing a source in the Bavarian company.

In addition to new versions of electrically-powered, both cars will get the traditional versions with internal combustion engine and hybrid modification. Technical details about the new power plant yet, but BMW has hinted that the 5 Series and X1 can borrow the motor from the recently introduced crossover iX3.


IX3 BMW is equipped with an electric motor installed on the rear axle. He develops up to 286 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Acceleration from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour is a crossover of 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour. On iX3 motor is energised from the battery to 80 kilowatt-hours that provides up to 460 km during the WLTP cycle.

Version 5 Series and X1 with zero-emission will become part of the 10-year plan, BMW on reduction of CO2 emissions and electrification of the model range. By the end of next year a “green” line of concern will include five models: crossovers iNext and iX3, sedan, i4, and i3 hatchback and the Mini Cooper SE. By 2023, BMW will present the 25 hybrids and electric cars.

BMW already connected “five” to the socket, but while only as experiment. Last year, the sedan was equipped with three electric motors with total returns of up to 720 horsepower. Motors developed up to 10 000 Nm of torque on wheels, and the actual value of time amounted to 1 150 Nm. Powerplant powered by the battery with a capacity of 45 kilowatt-hours.

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